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Privacy Policy

This website ("website") is operated by Herbaflow This privacy policy only covers information collected at this website, and does not cover any information collected offline by HerbaFlow. All HerbaFlow websites are currently covered by this privacy policy.


The website uses a secure (SSL) certificate for certain parts of the website such as for logging in, for entering user information when ordering such as credit card information. A 256bit SSL certificate is used for such areas. The level of encryption may change based on the OS and browser type used. In some cases this may be 128bit encrption. Weak SSL types such as 2 and 3 have been disabled.

How we protect your information

  • SSL Certificate with aggressive security ciphers.
  • Updates are frequently run on server to make sure latest software packages are updated.
  • User access to the servers is limited to only those who require access such as administrator.
  • Long passwords are used on the server to prevent theft from hacking. 
  • Unused server ports closed.
  • We don't sell your data.
  • We only capture last 4 digits on credit card on server.


To help us achieve our goal of providing the highest quality products and services, we use information from our interactions with you and other customers, as well as from other parties. Because we respect your privacy, we have implemented procedures to ensure that your personal information is handled in a safe, secure, and responsible manner.

We have posted this privacy policy in order to explain our information collection practices and the choices you have about the way information is collected and used.

As we continue to develop our website and take advantage of advances in technology to improve the services we offer, this privacy policy likely will change. We therefore encourage you to refer to this policy on an ongoing basis so that you understand our current privacy policy.


  • IP Address
  • Cookies (client and server)
  • Email Address
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Last 4 of Credit Card
  • Email Communications
  • Order Comments
  • Order Details (Products purchased, qty, etc)

While browsing the HerbaFlow website, the IP information and cookies may be copied to the server for tracking purposes for speeding up the website in the future (caching) and to track clicks such as pageviews and product views.

Some of this information such as session files are stored immediately on the server or in temporarly (RAM) but are removed automatically after a specified period of time usually in minutes. Other data such as cookies are stored on client computer.

When registering as a user, email address, address, phone or any other information entered in the system will be stored by us in a database for use for the shopping cart. 

The full credit card number  is not stored on HerbaFlow servers. Only the last four numbers of the credit card is stored on the HerbaFlow servers.

Information We Sell

None. We don't sell your information.

Information Sharing

In an effort to improve our operations and to provide a highly functional shopping experience, we may share some information with trusted partners or software plugin / service providers.

Some examples

  • Abandoned shopping cart notifier service.
  • Product review service provider.
  • Social networking discount code service.
  • Payment processor.
  • Tracking & analytics service provider.
  • Law Enforcement or Governments (if requested)

Trusted partners such as the examples shown above may have access to information such as email addresses for later remarketing. In the event that the shopping cart is abandoned without purchasing, an email may be sent at a later date by trusted partner. 

After a product is purchased, another service provider may send an email asking to provide a review for the product.

For both of these services if an email is sent by the service provider, an option to opt-out can be found on the bottom of the email.

The payment processor captures information entered on the credit card page and is used for order processing and refunds. The Bitcoin payment processor also receives information entered from the order page.


We use the information we collect for various purposes, including:

  • To complete your purchase transactions
  • To provide the services you request
  • To identify your product and service preferences, so we can notify you of new or additional products, services, and promotions that might be of interest to you.
  • To notify you of product recalls or provide other information concerning products you have purchased
  • To improve our merchandise selections, customer service, and overall shopping experience


To make online shopping faster and easier, you may register on the HerbaFlow website. As a registered customer, you only have to enter your shipping addresses and billing information once; they will be securely stored with us for your future use. Using your name and a password of your choice, you may access your account online at any time to add, delete, or change information.

If you are using a public computer, we strongly encourage you to LOG OUT at the conclusion of your session. Your information will still be stored with us but it will not be accessible to anyone else from that computer.


You will receive promotional emails from us only if you have asked to receive them. If you do not want to receive email from HerbaFlow or its affiliates you can click on the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any email communication sent by us. Please allow us 3 business days from when the request was received to complete the removal, as some of our promotions may already have been in process before you submitted your request.


By using this website, you accept the policies set forth in this Privacy Policy.


We'll be happy to provide additional information or answer any questions. Please contact us if you have any questions via the contact form.