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One Stainless Steel HerbaFlow HerbaMax Yerba Mate Bombilla

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One Stainless Steel HerbaFlow HerbaMax Yerba Mate Bombilla

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  • Polished 304 Class Stainless Steel 
  • Enlarged Holes Reduces Clogging
  • 6" Long Great for Lightweight Gourds and Cups
  • Metal Holding Bead for Easy Holding
  • Easy to Clean in Dishwasher or Faucet Stream
  • Tilted Head Allows Sipping to Bottom of Cup
  • Ships Out Quickly!


These are by far my favorite filtering yerba mate straws for yerba mate, coffee and tea. They filter very well without clogging and have very good low water level performance.

This listing is for three stainless steel, small style yerba mate bombilla filtering straws.  These are made out of 304 class (18-8) stainless steel, the same type of stainless steel found in top quality flatware.They should be fine for small to medium sized coffee cups or yerba mate gourds. These straws do not have removable heads but can be easily cleaned in hot water and in the dishwasher.


  • yerba mate
  • loose leaf tea
  • freshly squeezed lemonade
  • freshly ground coffee

With a filtering straw, mint leaves, lavender, ginger root can be added to existing drinks without worrying about clogging the straw. Lemons and limes can be freshly squeezed directly into the glass and seeds are no longer a problem with a filtering straw.


  • reduce environmental waste associated with plastic straws & save money
  • long lasting and machine washable
  • save money on tea by buying loose leaf teas instead of tea bags
  • add new flavors to drinks
  • lemon seeds stuck in straw no longer an issue
  • increased flavor intensity with loose leaf teas over bagged teas
  • plastic-free, no chemical leaching
  • ability to stir drinks with straw
  • great alternative to french press coffee for single cup serving


A variety of different styles are available for different uses. For smaller size cups such as coffee mugs, and yerba mate gourds, a small to medium sized straw should work fine. For full size glasses for things such as freshly squeezed lemonade, a large straw will work best.

In order to really make use of a filtering straw, more than one is necessary for maximum convienience. Simply hand wash after using or place in the dishwasher. 

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