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Yerba Mate Bombilla Straw Questions

Q: Do you sell spring straws?

A: No, currently spring straws are not being sold by us as we believe there are better options. Most spring straws do not have a stable base and have a tendency to fall from side to side in cup which means the oval shaped mouthpiece will have to be repositioned with one hand while holding the cup in the other hand. In other words, it may require two hands to drink with such a straw vs just one for the other types of straws. Also, spring straws have a tendency to let too many particles in.

Q: Can yerba mate straws be washed?

A: Yes. The yerba mate straws we sell are made out of stainless steel like typical flatware is made out of. The straws can be rinsed out with hot water or placed in a dishwasher.

Q: Do you sell any straws with removable filtering heads?

A: Currently we do not sell such straws but the ones we sell can be easily washed and don't clog easily.

Q: What size yerba mate straw is best?

A: For most coffee cups or yerba mate gourds, the 6" straws should be fine. The 6" straws work especially well in the small, lightweight, squash style yerba mate cups which when empty will stay upright with 6" straw. With the 7.5" straw, when empty such smaller gourds may fall over. As a result, the 7.5" straw better with heavier cups, coffee cups and regular drinking cups. For tall drinking glasses for fruit infused drinks, teas, etc the 10" straw is best.

Q: How is the filtering ability of each straw?

A: All of the yerba mate straws filter out large particles. In some cases very fine particles such as finely ground coffee, or finely ground yerba mate pieces may pass through, but this is usually not a major problem. The HerbaMax straw has the largest holes and one of the best flow rates.

Q: How is the low liquid level performance for each straw?

A: The lower the filtering head is, the better the low level water performance. HerbaMax currently has the best low liquid performance due to angled filtering head and tight seams. The 7.5" straw may leave some liquid near the bottom, requiring either refilling or tilting the cup to get the last remaining liquid. The 10" straw has a filtering head that is high up so will leave considerably more liquid behind that others.

Q: How fast is the S&H?

A: Most orders placed during the week will arrive in approximately 2-4 days. The shortest times is for California, NV, Utah, Arizona and approximately 3 days for most other places in the USA.

Double Edge Razor Blade Questions

Q: Which Double Ege Razor Blade is best?

A: Each razor blade may have different qualities. Many people prefer the sharpness of the Japan made Feather razor blade while others may find them too sharp or too expensive. This is the reason we sell a razor sampler pack with a rating worksheet so each person can decide which blade works best from them.

Q: Aren't double edge razor blades more likely to cut my face?

A: Yes, when done impropely safety razor blades are more likely to cut the face than a typical double edge or multi-blade razor. However, when proper preperation is done before shaving, the likelyhood of cutting face is reduced greatly.

Q: Why would I use a double edge razor blade over a typical cartridge razor blade system?

A: The cost of double edge razor blades is a fraction of a cartridge system. One of the name brand five blade cartridges is over $4 per cartridge. A double edge razor blade can be purchased for as little as 10 cents. All double edge razor blades are the same size so this encourages price competition, unlike cartridge razor blades which are usually only made by one company. When it is time to dispose of the razor blade, only the blades are thrown away as opposed to a cartridge razor that has lots of unecessary plastic to throw away or in some cases the entire shaver too. The double edge razor blade is much less wasteful.

Double edge razor blade shavers are typically made of stainless steel and can be used over and over. They typically look less gimicy, using less plastic and appearing without branding written all over it. As a result, it may look classier in the bathroom.

The comfort of a double edge razor blade is different from mult-blade shaving systems. The blade graciously glides over the skin cutting the hair. In comparison, four or five blade systems pull the skin and have more friction. Some people with ingrown hair or certain skin types may prefer less friction to reduce the likelihood of inflammation or skin bumps.

When several days lapse between shaving, long hairs can easily clog traditional double + blade cartridge razors. Double edge razor shavers rarely clog and can be easily cleaned.

Using a double edge razor blade does not have to be the only shaving method used. Electric shavers, cartridge based razors and other methods can be used in addition to double edge razor blade shavers. 

Q: What is the double edge razor blade rating worksheet?

A: The double edge razor rating worksheet is included in some of the large number of razor blade sample packs. This rating sheet lists the different brands of razor blades included in the razor blade sampler and offers comment fields to write comments in after using each blade as well as a rating for each.

Q: What is the best razor blade material, Platinum?

A: Razor blade manufacturers use a variety of materials. Some use more chromium in the blade than others. Many add a platinum coating to the blade to make it more durable or teflon coating to make it smoother shaving. Looking at razor blade reviews, there is no one best razor blade or blade material. The razor blades all have different qualities that is why it is best to get a razor blade sampler and try out some of the more highly rated blades to reach your own conclusion.

General Questions

Q: Why not have more products?

A: More products will be added in the future. For now, we only sell products we are familiar with and can sell at competitive prices. We would like to start selling yerba mate, gourds and other items in the future. Also, we only want to sell products that are are preferred. For instance, we don't sell bolt straws or spring straws because they tend to clog quickly. We would prefer to get five stars on every item sold than to have a full store of products that get 3 star ratings from buyers.