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Pick your Razor Blades Sampler + rating worksheet

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Pick your Razor Blades Sampler + rating worksheet

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  • 10 Dorco
  • 10 Treet Platinum
  • 5 Astra Platinum
  • 5 Astra Super Stainles
  • 5 Derby Extra
  • 5 Feather Hi-Stainless
  • 5 Gillette 365
  • 5 Gillette Silver Blue
  • 5 Lord Platinum
  • 5 Shark Super Stainless

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This double edge razor blade sampler includes some of the most popular double edge razor brands that are readily available on major online websites such as Amazon and eBay. The goal of the sampler is not just to offer as many brands as possible, but to offer brands that are highly rated, readily available and competitively priced so that a purchasing decision can be made after using the samples. Each double edge blade is slightly different with different qualities.

5 Astra Platinum - Made in Russia - 4.4 stars - Great, consistent blade, smooth and long lasting razor blade
5 Derby Extra Super Stainless - Made in Turkey - 4.3 stars - Very functional blade that is priced well.
10 Dorco Platinum - Made in South Korea - 4.2 stars - All around decent razor blade from Korea.
5 Feather Hi-Stainless - Made in Japan - 4.7 stars - Considered to be the sharpest razor blade.
5 Personna - Made in U.S.A. - 4.6 stars - Quality, American made, sharp, smooth and one of the highest rated razor razor blades.
5 Shark Super Chrome - Made in Egypt- 4.4 stars - Sharp and dependable razor handles rough hairs.
5 Lord Platinum - Made in Egypt- 4.4 stars - Sharp, comfortable, smooth shaving blade.
5 Astra Superior Stainless - Made in Russia - 4.3 stars - Lacks platinum coating but some say smoother than Platinum Astra.

Total = 45 double edge razor blades

A razor rating worksheet is included which will allow ratings and comments to be written for each razor blade. Each blade brand comes in an easy to dispense plastic holder box while a small number do not depending on the brand. The Personna blades may come in plain white or blue wrapper for the same blade. The Feather blades may or not come in the plastic holder depending on inventory available but you'll always get the same number of blades. Shipping is typically very fast and mailed out shortly after receiving payment.